Monday, January 23, 2006

New Updated Access Database Templates from Microsoft

Microsoft has released 12 new updated MS Access 2003 database templates for free download:
  • Accounts Ledger Database
  • Asset Tracking Database
  • Classroom Management Database
  • Contact Management Database
  • Event Management Database
  • Expense Report Database
  • Inventory Management Database
  • Issues Database
  • Orders Management Database
  • Personal Address Book Database
  • Service Call Management Database
  • Time And Billing Database

    These are not just updates, but feature a radically re-designed gui and navigation paradigm. Gone is the look of the aging Access95-style switchboard. It is replaced with a nice implementation of XP-themed tabs, subforms, and command buttons, plus funky Windows Vista-inspired formatting:

    The Reports also have a crisp modern look.

    Though I don't think the ditching of the Switchboard Items table navigation paradigm is a good idea, as it complicates the management of application navigation.

    While the the templates are available in only in Access 2002/2003 format, they can be converted to Access 97 and Access 2000 versions, though the XP-themed tabs and command buttons and some of the new formatting is lost. You can easily restore most of the new formatting by changing the border properties of controls to the following settings:

  • Special Effect: Flat
  • Border Style: Solid
  • Border Color: 12632256
  • Border Width: Hairline

If you are looking for a modern-looking Access gui and navigation implemented using the native Access Switchboard Items table, then have a look at my sample Access Switchboard Applications at

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